Adder Technology

AdderAdder is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and manufacture of IP-based high performance KVM solutions.

The control room can be a high pressure, fast moving environment, so when choosing equipment, you need to be sure that you choose products you can rely upon. Adders command and control products are designed and manufactured with quality at the forefront of our mind, the reason that our products are used in mission critical installations across the globe. Whether it is a power station, an Air Traffic control tower or a live Broadcast studio, the goals often remain the same – remove the computer hardware from the user area, minimise the number of keyboard/mouse sets at each desk, and provide safe, secure remote access of computers. Build quality is not our only focus. We understand the importance of delivering information accurately and immediately so we focus on enabling our users to interact with their systems in real-time through high resolution, low latency video extension. When combined with our highly compatible USB platforms and simple, intuitive user interfaces, you can begin to see why Adder products are central to the design of so many control rooms around the world.

KVM extension
Locating noisy and hot computers away from operator areas is essential to creating a comfortable working environment for your operators. The psychological pressure of command and control environments is increased significantly by noisy machines and can easily distract the user from their primary focus. Placing computers in a locked, temperature controlled environment also increases their life-span and performance as well as preventing unauthorised access to the computers and the information they store. Adder products are designed in a way that provides all of these benefits without sacrificing the performance you would expect if the PC were under your desk. In our view, the best KVM extender is the one that the operator does not realise is there. This means providing real-time extension, high resolution graphics and a high level of USB compatibility. In addition, all of our devices run silent with no fans built in. Through intelligent design and layout, they rely upon natural conduction cooling to dissipate heat.

KVM switching
It’s highly likely that an operator will need access to more than one computer or video source to carry out their tasks. In many applications, the operator will often require more than one monitor on their desk which typically leads to multiple keyboard/mouse sets. Adder’s keyboard and mouse switches allow you to remove the keyboard and mouse clutter from the desk, improving ergonomics and simplifying the usability of complex setups. With Adder’s Free-Flow switching technology, it is now possible to move between multiple computers, operating systems and displays using a single mouse.

KVM over IP
For many years, Adder has been providing remote access of computers using a dedicated hardware package and Real VNC protocol. This technology has been widely used to provide remote access for secondary/emergency control rooms but is more commonly used to allow computer images to be presented on to the video wall. Many video wall processor manufacturers accept VNC protocol for video inputs and recommend Adder IP devices because of the superior performance they offer over traditional software versions. The latest models in this category support HD
resolutions, dual-screen and audio making them the clear market leaders.

Digital IP Matrix – Combining extensions, switching and IP in a single network.
Migration to digital video and USB technology has introduced a huge amount of complexity when combining extension, switching, sharing products to create flexible user access. Along with complexity comes higher costs and compromised performance so many customers are turning to KVM Matrix products. The matrix concept gives each operator the ability to connect to any source computer via a central matrix switch. Unfortunately, high quality KVM matrix systems carry a large price tag and have limited scalability so are only rarely used in very premium applications. With the development of the AdderLink INFINITY range, Adder has created a flexible, scalable matrix which uses standard network infrastructure to deliver real-time HD video, USB 2.0 hubs and audio over ubiquitous copper cabling. The system allows integrators to simplify system design and bring all elements of the KVM function under a single umbrella and manage devices using the comprehensive AdderLink INFINITY management system (A.I.M.). In short, you can now extend, switch, share and access any computer on your KVM network from the desk, the video wall or in fact, anywhere in the world.