The Workshops

CRTW arriva a Roma!!
Written by Adder, November 2017

Control rooms can be high-pressured and fast-moving environments to work in, be it emergency call centers, transport, security or energy management. Ensuring that these environments are efficient and productive depends largely upon the design and the way in which the technologies within the control room are used.

The Control Room Technology Workshop (CRTW) is a one-day event that focuses on the essentials of modern control room design and management. It is an exciting collaboration between the world’s leading manufacturers in the Control Room industry: Adder Technology, Mitsubishi Electric, Eizo and Saifor, who all provide their expert knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in control room solutions. This includes critical issues surrounding ergonomics and work space design, technology choices, flexibility and performance.

The workshops are held at different locations around Europe, with the next event held in Rome, Italy on the 22nd and 23rd November 2017. Throughout each workshop, system integrators, control center operators and end-users are all given an overview of the importance of control room design from each of the participating companies. Delegates are then informed about real-world case studies and application stories, before being presented with a mock-up control room scenario. This provides the unique opportunity to get hands-on with the technologies displayed, and to experience how the different technologies work and complement each other to create the optimal control room environment.

By combining the knowledge of four leading companies in control room solutions into one single workshop, everyone attending has an opportunity to network with industry experts and seek specialist advice and suggestions for future planning. After receiving positive feedback and attracting large audiences at previous events in Warsaw, Frankfurt and Stockholm, the CRTW event is returning in November for its 4th edition in Rome at the Courtyard by Marriott. More information can be found here.

Control Room Technology Workshop to visit Stockholm
Written by Mitsubishi, July 2017

The popular control room technology, design and management event returns for its 3rd edition in Stockholm this September.

The venue for the 3rd European Control Room Technology Workshop has been announced. The popular roadshow event, a collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric, Adder, Mauell and Saifor, will visit Stockholm on September 6th and 7th 2017. As with previous events in Warsaw and Frankfurt, the one-day workshops are designed to bring systems integrators, procurement professionals and facilities managers up to speed with the latest technologies, methodologies and best practices in control room design and management. The topics covered will be illustrated in detail by examining several real-world case studies, before giving delegates the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through practical sessions using products from all four participating companies, alongside examples of technology from partners Wacom, Eizo and Man & Machine.

The four participating companies are leading firms within their respective sectors and each offers a unique insight into the issues affecting contemporary control room design and management. The event is also a superb opportunity to network, and to share knowledge and experience with peers from across Europe and from a variety of industries. The 3rd Control Room Technology Workshop will be held at The Stockholm Sheraton Hotel on the 6th & 7th September 2017. More information and reservation details can be found here.

First Control Room Technology Workshop opens in Poland
Written by Mitsubishi, November 2016

Our first Control Room Technology Workshop – a unique collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric, Adder, Mauell and Saifor – opened in yesterday Warsaw, Poland. Delegates from a wide variety of industries were guided through a comprehensive overview of contemporary control room technology and design.

By virtue of their particular expertise, each host company is able to give a unique perspective on both the engineering and operational issues affecting modern control room design, from display technology, processing and control, through to ergonomics and workspace design. The workshop is designed for system integrators, non-specialist centre managers and end-users, taking them through a basic understanding of the issues and how to address them, before discussing real-world case studies and finally providing the opportunity to get hands-on with the technology themselves. Alongside products from the main companies there are examples of technology from partners Wacom, Eizo and Man & Machine.

This is the first time that the knowledge of four leading manufacturers has been distilled in a single event, and the workshop will be of interest to anyone designing or working in control room environments.